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When I moved into my new house six years ago we hung on to the phone line for the same reason of “what if”. We kept it for two years, and in those two years time made 0 outgoing calls, and by far the vast majority of incoming calls were just telemarketers. Then one day I unplugged the phone while we were cleaning the kitchen, and I never plugged it back in again (I didn’t cancel because we wanted to hang on to the number).

Six months later we had two incidents a week apart where police showed up at my door because 911 said they received a hangup call from my house. Both times I showed them my phone wasn’t even connected. That was when we decided to cancel the service.

Two years ago a cascade failure on the power grid caused all of San Diego County to lose power for almost an entire day. I had up to the minute updates on the situation through the entire thing thanks to my cell phone.