linxeh: I dont see the point in battling against SVN or similar now git is ubiqutous (and powerful) deryl: SVN is wanna-be git on drugs deryl: bad drugs linxeh: well, it was better than much else at the time linxeh: at least it supported changesets FylGood: SVN is kinda like Nethandrahal man, just becoming upright, but definitely lacking in many ways. chiper: SVN is like the salt & pepper shakers, and git is a full spice rack chiper: for some people, a little salt is all it needs ibiwan: so where’s CVS and VSS fit into your analogy? chiper: ibiwan: salt & pepper has to come from somewhere ibiwan: I think CVS must be a bowl of peppercorns chiper: indeed ibiwan: and VSS is a beautiful crystal vial of powdered dog shit chiper: ibiwan: that costs $50 per gram FylGood: Next time I’m in a job interview, if they ask me to tell them about my experience with CVS… I’ll just say “it’s basically a bowl of peppercorns”. :p chiper: haha ibiwan: and there’s only one peppermill for the whole table, and it must be washed out and let air dry between uses FylGood: ibiwan: and I would say that if two people try to grab the peppermill at the same time… (you fill in the rest) ibiwan: FylGood: it explodes and gets pepper in everyone’s eyes ibiwan: in comparison, SVN is downright modern and developer-friendly FylGood: lol ibiwan: even the ones who weren’t reaching for it ibiwan: and it’s STILL better than VSS

From #macosx@freenode.